Ode to my bed

My bed covers me with love and warmth
My bed always holds my dedicated spot available
My bed holds a spot for my favorite bears
My bed gives me support
My bed gives me rest
My bed is soft

It handles my weird illogic dreams with discretion
It doesn't mock my rapid moving eyes
my twisting and turning
my snoring when having a cold
it doesn't complain when I wake up sweaty

The baby monitors often separates us with a cry
for a wet bed, a nightmare or needed cuddle upstairs
but it waits patiently for my return to welcome me  hopefully back to sleep soon. 
I've visited my bed way too late on some nights despite promises
but I've been forgiven. 

In my bed I listen to the wind and rain outside, shielded safely inside
in my bed I sleep off headaches and fevers
in my bed I listen to Jan breathing softly or 
I curse at his turning and twisting
In my bed I listen to the outside traffic

In my bed I've slept with my baby infants and fed them
In my bed I've watched now and then (but not too often) some series on my ipad
or I've been reading some pages in a book before sleeping
In my bed I've debated so many arguments over again 
preventing me from much needed sleep
In my bed I hear the first news of the day
In my bed I've cried my sheets wet.

Mostly in my bed I've spent so many hours
without consciousness
without memory
but I trust that's all totally fine. 
I love returning to my bed


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