He's out!

As of last Wednesday I only have 3 wisdom teeth anymore.  

I had spent sufficient time stressing about it.
I had spent sufficient time with pain.  
And then much to my frustration and extra fear that time got extended, with hindsight for no reason but hindsight is worthless off course. 

The extension was a could thing however. I discovered that my fear of not being allowed to go to the dentist was greater than my fear of going to the dentist.  As a result I was way more calm on Wednesday when I got a second chance. 

The fact is that I wasn't really afraid of the pain I'd feel...I trust and know that the local anesthesia works well. I had the irrational fear of having his hands and material so deep in my throat that it would give me a suffocating feeling. 

The irony was that I got a panic moment when the anesthesia was applied and started to work.  Since I have hardly dental work experience I am genuinly surprised by the sensation it gives and now that it had to be applied in the back of my mouth...I wrongly thought I reacted to it and that my mouth and throat was swelling and blocking.  Nope it didn't, but boy that was scary to belief it for a few moments. 

Anyway, once I breathing gently again and set down the actual pulling of my tooth was fairly easy. The dentist and assistant were visibly doing their best to reassure me ...clearly they had labeled me as the fearful lady who needed to be informed of each action they'd take, the noises it would make etc. But really all of that didn't bother me at all.  20 min later I could give a happy cheer that it was gone and out. 

And now I feel so relieved. I still feel some bit pain but it's different and less than before.   And while I was convinced that I also had other impacted teeth nearby, they seem fine until now so it was probably the starting infection that radiated further.  So all ends well. 


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