We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor: Fields of gold by Sting

It's my turn again to choose a song based on Anne's post on Tuesday. She chose a song based on my "Pretty fly for a white guy" from the Offspring and it became Learn to fly by Curtis Mayfield

Her choice was completely unknown to me.  We chose to combine our blog posts in order to get out of our musical comfort zone. Well mission achieved.  I know very little about Chicago Soul or music from that era. I had to listen to it a couple of times because it is music that needs to grow on me to appreciate it more. 

So in the meantime my mind goes jumping around immediately to find my answer to her post: 
What I didn't choose: 
  • Bee Gees - Staying alive.    After twice a "fly", bees would have been nice as a change but maybe we should not stick any longer to the insects
  • I researched a bit Chicago Soul but I couldn't find anything that I knew and then it feels so random to post another thing in a genre that I am not acquainted with.
  • Fleetwood Mac - The Chain because I love the base intro of both songs very much.  I was quite tempted to choose this because it would be based on the actual sound.

But yet it was after all Curtis Mayfields name that triggered all of a sudden the image of Fields of gold.  In this hot August weather when farmers are all harvesting the wheat, it seems a good timing to post this number.   The song also has a lazy lounge feel to me, which fits with this heat...I'm not up to much. 
Lastly I realize that insects sting and now I have a link to the fly and insects after all.  


Anne said…
Leuk, ook het hele denkproces naar je uiteindelijke keuze :-)
Ik herkende de titel niet, maar bij beluistering herken ik het nummer wel.
En de uiteindelijke link met stinging insects is al helemaal leuk!

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