Walking in the east of Belgium in our vacation (part 1): Around Troupa and Nesselo and spotting wildlife near Weywertz

During our week vacation in the Ardennes at the end of August, we didn't walk (all together) each day but I had a good level of steps and I wanted to keep on moving so there were some nice walks anyhow. 

1) Walking around Troupa and Nesselo again. 

At the end of August we did the walk from the start of the summer vacation (with grandma) over again with the 4 of us.  This time I was aware that signage had changed but I had memorised the walk we wanted to do quite well so we didn't miss our turn off.  That makes a difference of 2 kms :). 

The floxglove flowers (vingerhoedskruid) that we admired so much in July were all gone, but this time we 'wasted' a lot of time eating lots of fresh raspberries and blackberries. Mmmm, delicious.  They were abundant everywhere. 

Clearcut giving view towards Belgium's highest point at the Signal the Botragne

At the start and end of our loop, the children enjoyed playing around in the creek of l'Eau noir. 

Those boots flooded of course and took a week to dry

2) Solitary evening walk full of wildlife

Earlier that week the boys were all having lazy fun at home and I decided to take the opportunity to go for a solitary evening walk.   And my hope was justified: since all alone I managed to walk in silence just before dusk, I came across some deer on my walk. Splendid.   
Also the less wild fauna was nice to spot. 


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