Kabouter's birthday party

It was with some delay that we scheduled Kabouter's birthday party.  We opted to celebrate on a Wednesday afternoon even though I couldn't free myself up from work. But Jan didn't feel intimidated to entertain a group of 7-year-olds on his own.  In the end I also asked the babysit to join and reinforce the supervising team which was a good thing I suppose.

We had rented a community house in the neighbourhood that is often rented out exactly for this type of things.  Some birthday parties Kabouter attended before took place there and it was nice to have more space, a garden with play toys and not have all the noise in our house.  On the other hand...it took an extra hour of cleaning after the party before we were ready to go home, and we had to move in and out all food and toys, but hey...each advantage has a disadvantage, one famous football trainer would say. 

Brotherly walking to the party

Getting ready

I was only present to prepare and at the end of the clean-up but I trust it's been good and fun. I have confirmation it was definitely loud. 


Kris10 said…
Zal zeker leuk geweest zijn!

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