Visiting friends in the snow

The snow in the east of Belgium sure attracted a lot of people, despite the local authorities' request to stay away. It seems that everyone in my Instagram feed had been on the Botrange last week. There's however so much space to visit below the Botrange and away from the big crowds.

We had the surprise visit from some of our best friends.  They showed up masked and with outdoor pick-nick in our garden. It's so great to have friends that respect all safety measures without a second of discussion.  So great also to find ways to be together anyhow. 

After an outdoor pick-nick we explored the local fields to test some slopes for sledging. There was just about enough snow to have a go at it. 

When all pants and jackets were wet and dirty from sliding down, we went for another bit of walk along the Warche river and the RAVeL. A lot of the snow had already melted depending from the location height and direction or shadowside. Nevertheless we still felt a little on snow vacation so we deserved a little "apr├Ęs-ski" on the terrace afterwards. 


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