We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor: Tones and I - Monkey Dance

Each Tuesday and Thursday Anne from Satur9's World  play a musical pingpong game where we choose a new music song based on each other's previous choice by association of a name, style, lyric, style, location or whatever crosses in our mind.  We never know what the next song will be chosen and are forced to explore beyond our comfort zone due to each other's choices.

Anne kicked of this new year with Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood. 

While it took me days to find the right song previous week, I must honestly admit I found this one even before listening to Gorillaz.  I know the song and I like the happy walking pace.

But I am still more in the mood of dancing.  and Gorillaz are monkeys.   So I am dancing the Monkey Dance, one of the favourites of my children and the song makes me very happy. It's one of the songs I got to know through my children. The lucky bastard Kabouter was in the Depot in Leuven visiting with his class in March 2019 just before she had her concert. He didn't see her but they all danced backstage on her music :p. 


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