Profiting from the warmer weather for some outdoor social contacts

It's already gone again but in the previous weeks we've profited from some bursts of nicer spring or even a few days with summer feeling. Lovely!

Immediately we profited to get a bit of social contact, even though all measures have been restricted again and we are back to 4 people max together outside with distance.  (clearly not always followed in the crowded parks) . But at least we are allowed to guide some people through our house now to our little city garden to sit outside there. 

A few weeks ago Jan had a walk with some 2 other Men of the Year. Afterwards we enjoyed a beer in the garden together. 


Yab and I finally found a lunch moment in our overfull work agenda's to share a lunch together in the city park.  The weather was cooler than we had hoped for but it was so fun to finally sit together again and catch up after all these months.  We promised each other to keep an eye on the weather predictions and check for a warmer evening to have a dinner meal together in our garden. 

That dinner opportunity came sooner than expected but with weather turning back to winter now, we could not miss the opportunity previous Wednesday. Together with yab and her boyfriend, we enjoyed our shared favourite food in the garden: delivered sushi.  It was 24C outside, although it got quite chilly after sunset.  Aaaah hopefully this current cold spell will be short, so we can repeat more of this in the coming months. 


yab said…
Ik duim alvast dat de temperaturen snel weer beter worden!
Goofball said…
@yab: vandaag plannen we eerst nog een tocht met de slee en daarna mag het weer opwarmen!

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