Searching the daffodils and catkin along the Warche and lake Robertville

We spend a extended long Easter weekend in the east of Belgium. Despite the fact that Easter is a bit early in the year and that nature awakes generally a couple of weeks late here at the "high altitude",  daffodils had profited nevertheless from the spring days previous weeks and were blossoming everywhere.  I had not expected this but profited to go and see the wild daffodils that grow everywhere in the forrests here along the banks of the Warche river.  There are not many places in Belgium where wild daffodils grow abundantly but here they do. So that's worth a coupld of walks and I could lure Kabouter to join me with Pok√©mon. 

See how yellow the banks in the distance are, unfortunately out of reach of the walking trails

We were lucky to spot a coupe of deer grazing in the fields at distance and spot a fox crossing over

Not only the daffodils are blooming but I notice there is also a lot of flowering catkin in the area.  Hard to take non blurry pictures though with my telephone. 

Along the lake

many red kites in the air


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