Around Thirimont , testing the fit-o-meter

Last weekend we drove to Thirimont to check out some walks in these nearby villages south of us.  We left with view of the "Waimes hills" with the 4 windmills of the city. There were 2 loops available from about 5 km, and we chose the one that circled around the woods on the hill.

 Unfortunately it didn't give us valley views on the lower Amel/Amblève as I had hoped. 

Never start your walk without searching a good stick! 

New soft needles

Doing our set of excercises
We discovered a sports challenge, type fit-o-meter and the children enthusiastically ran from exercise to exercise. A great photo opportunity as a mother...hilarious to observe both of them diligently trying to execute the instructions

We returned via some hollow roads back to the village and I got treated to a bouquet of dandelions "for the next time we get married". 

A nice drink when we got home even though this hadn't been a very long walk


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