Culinary spoiling

Two weeks ago I was organized enough to realize on time that we'd spend a weekend in Leuven.  As a result we profited from ordering twice a take-away menu in the same weekend. On top of that, with the foresight of not needing to cook the entire weekend we ended up with an empty fridge on we ordered some sushi. hahaha, what a great lazy super culinary weekend spoiling :).   And by this, we hope to have supported some local restaurants again that are still closed in this pandemic and must survive by take-out meals.

So what was on the menu?   

On Thursday some sushi.  Not from our usual addresses and we must say that the sushi was a little bit disappointing. We are so spoilt in Leuven with more than a dozen sushi restaurants.  We'd better stick to the good addresses like e.g. Kintsugi next time again. 

On Friday we got a menu from our friends from 't Seinhuis again.   With fresh macaroni and meat balls not on the menu especially made for their little regular customers Beertje and Kabouter.   And for me some carpaccio , gamba's and cheese 

On Saturday , we treated ourselves to a menu from het Land aan de Overkant.  I got some tuna with crumble and a sesam sauce,  some sort of filled bread and a ray wing with lime sauce (my dressing of the plate doesn't look like anything, but it tasted lovely)


And on Sunday? Oh yes, we did eat some home made food as well :D. 


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