25 random pictures of the last 6 weeks

1) I love the positive corrections (not done by me) on this sour sticker on a light pole in Leuven.  Thank you for positive people among the eternal bitter

2) I am a sucker for sunsets

3) A dinner out on a terrace and someone got a hold of my phone and took a really flattering selfie.  
Loved the wine brand!! 

4) A bathrobe inspired someone to some martial arts impressions

5) The weather switched abruptly from winter to summer so we were in urgent need of new summer shoes for the boys because they were still wearing their woollen filled booties. 

6) A presumably sick mouse has spent a full day on the sidewalk in front of a neighbour's house. 

7) Some forgotten toys sometimes get rediscovered. This scene on our floor made me smile

8) I hope I made some other people smile with these cards. 

9) Hopefully a new habit that will settle, although Kabouter turns out to be a really picky reader.  

10) Sometimes Leuven has a Mediterranean feeling.  

11) My mom's first ever sushi dinner. 

12) Change of weather ahead 

13) Freshly cut with a fun mask through town

14) Jump

15) Dance (instead of eating at the dinner table)

16) Clumsy boy got hurt and needs comfort (regular scene lately)

17) Spot the frogs

18) My goofy offspring in swim class

19) the cows of our csa farm getting some shade nearby the abbey

20) brainstorm sheet for Kabouter's first "speaking" class lecture about cats

21) the children got a fresh summer haircut as well

22) Outdoor lunch with a friend after about 9 months

23) Standard children's legs when they return from school in Summer.  I bless the school for its huge garden

24) It's #deviltime


Anne said…
Die eerste foto, vind ik ook zalig :-)
Vond je mama de sushi lekker?
Goofball said…
@Anne: ja ze vond het wel lekker

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