A picknick trip in the wide surroundings of Weywertz

End of May, finally weather to walk in a sweater or even a T-shirt. Finally.  So that's excellent picnick weather as well.  Time to pack up our picnic bag again! 

And then we had to choose a destination. We had no idea. We don't know too many picnick benches in the area to be honest.  We started off to Weywertz and started a walk connecting different hiking nodes of the walking network.  If we had our lunch, we'd attempt a bit a longer walk than usual. 

Weywertz church in a blue sky

Following some streets we arrived in a gorgeous Warche valley between Weywertz, Nidrum and Butgenbach.   A first stop for a drink. Gorgeous spot but way too early to eat so we went on. 

A much needed apetizer stop

And of course from then on there were no more benches to spot until we were just at 1,5 km from our house again at the RAVeL where we often hop buy to get some Pok├ęballs at the Pok├ęstop in a quick tour of the village.  Hmm.  Oh well, still good after a walk of more than 8 kms. That lunch was well deserved. 

And with renewed energy Jan and I were so bold as to make a new detour along the RAVeL to finish our record walk with the children at 12 kms. 
It was lovely to sit in the car to drive back to Leuven afterwards ;). 


Anne said…
Heerlijk al dat groen en blauw <3
Goofball said…
@Anne: dat deed deugd , groot contrast met de weken ervoor!

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