Tour de la Warche reversed

Finally end of May brought us sunshine and the opportunity to get outside the house without a jacket. That was about time! Gosh summer should start knocking at our doors and we were still in our winter clothes.

Well the sunshine also introducted some snotty noses in our house again (a cold or maybe hay fever) so we did well in vegetating on the couch again until I could convince the little ones for a little tour of Pokémon hunting.  Ha the irony, the Pokémon phone was out of battery after 2 minutes and we tried walking with a charger battery but the cable didn't connect well so 15 minutes into our walk we realised that wasn't going to happen...but in the mean time we were outside and it was lovely. 
All farmers were profiting from the few dry days to cut and hay their grasslands. 

The children wanted to reverse pretty fast but now that I was out, I didn't feel being back home within 30 minutes. In the end I managed to convince them to walk the Tour the la Warche, their favourite walk in reversed order since we were basically at the finish. With a cut through our favourite field it really wouldn't be that long, I promised.  That's the truth: it used to be a huge walk for them but now this has become just a quick warm-up trail. 

Via the field we ended up at the back of the old walk. Old...since it has been officially diverted and a part of the trail got closed off. But you couldn't notice that entering from here...hmm weird.  Oh well, I 'd give it a try , I knew this part of the valley inside out and if we had to revert back, we would. We'd see. 

Well, the staircase had no more sidebars which freaked out the children for a moment but other than that all seemed normal.  There were also signs on the trees from a trail run/race that must have come by so we were not the first ones taking the old "closed off" trail in the woods. Bizar. 

And at the closure, a side track had already been formed around it at the side.  Oh well and hence we were back on the official tour the la warche ;).  We returned home via the lake which had lovely cloud reflections. 


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