After last year's successful introduction to mini golf, the boys requested this summer to play again.  And we noticed that both the fields in Malm├ędy and Butgenbach were open again unlike last Summer.  So we keep our promise and played in Butgenbach on our national holiday last week.   At least we met our promise this year before the last day of the vacation ;). 

The game is located in the little park in the middle of town next to church. It is nicely in the shade of the trees in the park.  You can pay and get the material at a little kiosk under the trees.  There was quite some people playing so there was a waiting time on some games but it was acceptable to skip a game and return later if it was free, all in a relax way. 

We had good fun even though Beertje is still sweeping his stick like a mad broom and there were some challenges that we simply couldn't complete within a reasonable amount of time. 

Before or after the game, you can relax in the rest of the park, the playground or some of the nice terraces around the park. 


Els said…
Als kind ooit ook nog gespeeld op vakantie. Zou dat eigenlijk nog eens moeten doen :)
Goofball said…
@Els: zeker doen, is echt wel fijn

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