We keep on turning #Wedraaiendoor: Alanis Morissette - Ironic

Each Tuesday and Thursday Anne from Satur9's World and myself, play a musical pingpong game where we choose a new music song based on each other's previous choice by association of a name, style, lyric, style, location or whatever crosses in our mind. We never know what the next song will be chosen and are forced to explore beyond our comfort zone due to each other's choices. 

You can find our in the mean time long and fun playlist on Spotify and op Youtube. Subscribing to it is possible! 

Anne started 2022 with the most appropriate song "New Year's Day".  Happy New Year once again!! 
This classic is so strong and true cultural heritage but as so often the case, the video clip was new to me.  What struck me was the snow, the horses and the white flags...so I wanted to follow up on those images. 

First of all I thought of Dido - White flag but that's such a whining song so I'd rather not choose it. 

Other winter images : 

  • Sting - Now winter comes slowly
  • De Kreuners - Er sterft een beer in de Taiga
  • Alanis Morissette - Ironic
  • Camelot (Knights of the Round Table) [HD] - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

My choice is Alanis Morissette. Sorry Anne, I know you dislike her. But she is strongly connected to my Canadian memories.  I remember vividly how I got first introduced to Alanis on my first day in school in Canada.  As last class of the day I had band, where I showed up with my flute.  Much to my surprised I only found teenagers hanging around on the floor of the  half circle aula that the band class was made up to. The band teacher clearly wasn't motivated to already start up practise on the first day of the year. The students had a CD player and huddled around it and listed to ...Jagged Little Pill. They all knew lyrics by heart, sang along passioned and commented on their new hero. 

Also in a few classes later on, in computer science they discussed with the teacher the lyrics. 

Anyway, I heard Alanis A LOT, I could not escape her and I absorbed Jagged Little Pill like any teenager in Canada at that time.  I loved it, I knew it by heart.  And I was surprised to return to Europe, go on Kazou camp and find myself amidst 14-year olds swooning about "Ironic" which just had been released here.  Well isn't it ironic, don't you think, ...to sing Alanis out loud in the Swiss mountains on a hike.  

And Alanis is a good link to U2, not only for the winter images in the video but for her activism which she shares with Bono.  


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