A Dutch-American housewarming party in Maastricht

Our Texan friends are settling in well in Maastricht. In the Pentecost long weekend, they had their American best friends over and it was a good moment to organize a housewarming party with their new friends and old friends together to meet.   

So we drove up across the border again to mingle with Texans, Greek / American expats, Belgians,  Dutch, ...  around a full table of snacks and the grill.   Colleagues, musicians, friends, neighbours, expat communities, cycling fans, ...all united. 

Outside the rain was pouring down and causing local inundations in Belgium, but fortunately their new house was big enough for all of us to hang around dry and safely. 

How amazing that there are cats that would fit on half a laptop :D. Ours would fill that entire table.

Of course everyone also needed some demo's with the Ponytrap robot drum at a safe distance.  Always impressive, although I can't wait to see a show where our friends perform together with the drum robot on stage. 



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