From Ovifat to Reinhardstein high above the Warche valley

 It had been a while that we went for a walk with the entire family.  It took some discussion where to go: Jan wanted to go to the Botrange now that the highway there had been re-opened for part of the summer but Kabouter was sulking since he only wants to walk in the woods lately.  His sulking was so dramatic that Jan pulled the car over with a lot of irritation and directed us to Ovifat and the parkings of Reinhardstein.  Kabouter wanted to do the walk around the Warche valley again.  

However I feared the Robertville dam would still be blocked so we chose plan C: The walk from Ovifat center through the woods and much higher up on the valley's edge towards Reinhardstein and back to the village of Ovifat. 

After some village roads, it's time to turn off to smaller paths. We observe from distance some people carting down the skihill with a lot of noice and clearly a lot of fun. 

Before we really can head off, the boys must ensure they each have a decent stick again to walks without sticks. 

Kabouter gets what he wants...we walk through the woods.  Any funny enough there is a horse walking along the trail right where we saw one walking previous time as well. 

Once out of the woods, we arrived on the heights of the Warche & Baheyon valley, looking across.  We were approaching Reinhardstein.  The yellow broom that we saw so vividly on the slope last time was now cracking with ripe seeds.  They truly make sound! 

In the castle we had a well deserved drink and ice before we started climb back up to the village. 


Gudrun said…
Oh man, het is daar echt zo mooi... We moeten echt nog eens terugkomen!
Goofball said…
@Gudrun: schoon is het hier zeker dus dan moet ge dat nog eens doen eh

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