Our new insulated roof

In July our little weekend house got decorated by a scaffold as it we had decided this Spring to renew the roof.  The old roof had been isolated by ourselves 10 years ago with glass wool in the thickness that the beams allowed us. That was not bad, but in current climate change and changing energetic norms and gas prices skyrocketing, it's not state of the art either.  On top of that, the roof tiles contained asbestos and as long as those were on top it, we'd never be able to place solar panels.  And we want solar panels to anticipate to future electric cars that need to be charged and maybe a heating system that is up for renewal and new technology in x years. 

So to make the house future-proof, it would need a new and better insulated roof as a starting investment.  After our wall insulation project in 2019 where we notice a decrease in our energy consumption, we hope to continue on that trend and make smart long term investments.  

The original roof structure remained and the insulation had been put on top of that our roof is now >10cm higher and hence the inner finishing of our windows had to be recompleted.   While we enjoyed some sunny long weekend at our national holiday, Jan and Beertje got active in reconstructing the inner finishing and realign the skylights in the roof. 


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