Lost luggage full of souvenirs

Good news at last: Jan has gotten his lost suitcase back 2 weeks after our return from Turkey. When we came back from our vacation, his suitcase didn't arrive in Brussels. Somehow it was not surprising since the check-in in Dalaman airport was really unprofessional and they didn't put any luggage tags with the destination on our suitcases.

For 2 weeks, we didn't get any news and I truly didn't believe anymore that we'd get his suitcase back. It was already the 3rd time that he lost his luggage (Once he never got it back!). He has to leave for Dubai and India this Tuesday, so it came back with his summer clothes right at time! Anyway, now we have it back I can finally share with you all our precious underwater picture ;-). Our best diving souvenir.

Other than that, I had a good weekend. We have been busy putting up plaster boards at the ceilings in our house again while I then fill up the little wholes and levelling the gaps in between two boards. It's fun to do but really slow to do it right!!


Obi-1 said…
en Nemo gevonden?

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