Sun water sun water, the perfect life

Here's a surprise posting for you all

After reading 150 pages lazy at the beach and then at the pool I wanted to give my legs (that started to look a bit too red) a short break and here I am in the hotels internet corner. it s the first time that I see a free computer. That s ok, life is way too good here to worry about news, internet, work, ... anything really. The heat just purifies my mind of all things. Temp has been between 32 and 37 everyday and the sea between 23 and 28C . What a perfect combination. We spend our days on the beach, on the diving club boat (Jan got his PADI open water brevet and I did 4 beginner dives), in the water, on a jeep safari visiting a canyon and mud baths etc... And when being in this great huge hotel we divide our time over terrases, drinks and restaurants. Life can be great but time goes too fast. Pff wanna stop time and stay much longer. Still got 3 more books to read. ok going back to the sun now and then we'll get ready to go to a big market here at Fethiye in Turkey. Bye bye


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