Back to scratch

Pff we were preparing the installation of our gasfire in the living room because they come to measure up for the livingroom cupboards... and then we realised the design did not fit. The fireplace needs more space than was foreseen because the technical design in the box required more space than the one on the website. Dugh !!!! Thanks a lot Dru, how are people supposed to design their living room before they have bought the fire. Anyway with fires you cannot take any risk so if they say we need to leave more space, that's what we'll have to do so the cupboard design will need to readjusted.

A second reason we now realise is that the fireplace had been drawn much too high. Although it looked good on paper, it looks rediculous real.

So we'll have to cancel the measuring up this week because first the design needs to be done back from scratch. Darn and I liked it so much. Can't find a good alternative right now. Shit, I am not happy right now. But better now than later huh. Fortunately we bought the fireplace before hand to install it first.

Time to have a night sleep on it full of dreams about designing a living room cupboard around a fireplace. sigh.


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