Blogging problems

AAAh I am getting so frustrated. Since a couple of weeks, when I spent some time in the edit screen of a
new post, below the screen it all of a sudden says 'Cannot connect to . Saving or publishing might fail. Try connection'. Once
that appears I can give up hope to publish anything.

I always get that in the evenings in Leuven but had it the first time in Ghent actually. When I try to add a post to my blog at work, I have no problems at all. When I have the connection
problems I can still connect to the Internet, MSN, e-mail etc and
online friends confirm me that at that moment they have no connection
problems whatsoever. When I log off from Blogger and when I try to get back in, I only get
an empty white screen!! Other variant is that I can login, I seem to be
able to publish and then when I hit the button publish I only get a
white screen or 'page cannot be displayed'. I have already switched from IE6 to firefox but same happens there.

Can anybody tell me what is going on... problems at Bloggers end ?? my
browser settings? My isp (tele2) ?? Damn, since it only seems to be when I am at home it must be computer settings or tele2 somehow and I suppose that swithing to wordpress will not help either.

Oh well, I'll try to post this to see if tonight is any different. If you see this posted around lunchtime than you know I've mailed it to myself once more and posted it at work. grr


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