Boombal in Handelsbeurs

Last time (cfr Goofballsworld: Boombal in Deinze) I promised myself to learn more dances, and so I did yesterday.

Sandra, Sofie, Jan and I went to the Handelsbeurs yesterday downtown Ghent where there was a boombal to gather money for one of Sandra's colleagues who lost their home in a fire last spring. If a boombal on its own wasn't a good reason to go already, then knowing it had a good cause just increased the incentive to go. (although I honestly admit, it was mainly just the boombal itself that convinced me :p).
Hahaaa, this time I learned them all : a Breton-type of line dance (the andro??), the Scottisch (this times in the arms of my Jan), the magic circle (yeaah who can turn around faster?), a jig , ... Tiring if you are not used to it but a lot of fun. I just hope that next time they teach also that Canadian fiddle type dance, as it looked fun to dance. And I somehow think the musicians spared us by not playing the fastest dances for us. It was the first boombal for the others, but I think they enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures!! Let me know if anyone can find us, but I didn't find me on the pictures so far. But they turned out to be quite good...I guess that guy that seemed to hold up randomly his camera in the air and taking pictures without looking himself wasn't such a nuthead if you don't mind all the moved pictures.

I was amazed once more on the popularity of boombals and the variaty of people and ages that come to it. When seeing the flags and the T-shirts of the organisers and instructors I realised that "BOOMBAL" is becoming a successful brand in Belgium. Oh well, that is ok I suppose although a bit strange. I wonder which organisation is behind it all, organising them all across Belgium, sending instructors and folk bands out, .... How does it all work? Is it lucrative (it is a "vzw" , so should be not lucrative) , is it costly (costprice to invite them is 2000 euro approx. says the website) ? Is there rules in organising it or can anyone organise its own boombal using that name? I really start to wonder when I see everywhere the same logo. There is now special dance courses (so apart from the 1hour initiation in the beginning of each boombal), music courses, boombal "intiem" (with limited number of participants to guarantee room, etc...), boombal for kids, a 4-day festival, ... As I said, a true brand , so the economist in me can't help wondering how it is all managed.

But it remains fun and I guess it's one of the only type of parties where young and old dances together....but of course only folk lovers. I must realise that most of Belgians populations is probably still oblivous to the hype.

Before the dancing part, their was also a very nice concert of Souther Wind : people of Olla Vogola singing together with a few excellent South-African musicians. Very swinging and nice !! I wish them a lot of success on their next concerts in Belgium.


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