Difficult choice

Since the bad discovery last week, we received today a new design of the living room cupboards. It's very much in the style of last time and actually probably better and more symmetrical. Hmm I'll let it sink in and then decide. We still need to check which doors will now open how, since some of them can be connected to make one bigger door even when it looks like multiple doors.

I am still in doubt whether we should put little doors everywhere or leave the middle space open (like it is designed here). Jan prefers to have doors everywhere whereas I always thought that an opening would make it less monotoneous, stress somehow the symmetrical structure, give me some space at least to put a plant or a nice sculpture or ...later on since the rest of the house has to be quite minimalistic.

1 row open

But I do start to think that all doors closed would look more modern? but would it not be too boring? Pff touch choice. Let me hear your comments!

all doors


Gudrun said…
Hmm. Mijn eerste gedacht was: met een rij open.

Toch heb je gelijk als je zegt dat het tweede ontwerp 'moderner' is. Ik weet niet, het eerste doet zo... pseudo-gezellig aan, het tweede is een pak strakker.

Toch het tweede, zou ik zo zeggen.
Anonymous said…
optie 1!

die open rij breekt het geheel een beetje en maakt het toch iets gezelliger voor een living...

Allie said…
I would choose Option #1 - with that little open space. That way it will help open up your living room area rather than making it feel "boxed"/closed in.

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