Inspiration at Interieur 06

Now that we have to redraw our living cupboard from scratch, I am very happy that we just went to the interior design fair "Interieur 06" last weekend in Kortrijk! It is a fun fair to go to, much nicer than the usual Batibouw and Bis since it only focusses on the interior decoration of the house and you do not have stands anymore with real estate dealers, brick producers, .... but only about the look and feel inside your house. And more specifically only a design modern look and feel in the house... not the kitchens from which we wondered the last weeks who on earth would still buy something like that.

So we liked what we saw in Kortrijk! And we sure got some inspiration from all the straight strict lines and colors we saw there. And we got our ego boosted a couple of times because whenever we asked for information, the first question we got was "are you in the design business"? I don't know if we look as if we are architects or decorators? Or is this fair not visited a lot by ordinary people (I would assume so???!). The best one was when we were talking to the sales guy from Duravit. We intend to buy our bath there, a corner bath triangle shaped and we were explaining we wanted to mirror the triangle shape further in the bathroom on the other side with our glass wall for the shower. He then said "oh...are you interior architects or do you just have such good taste" Wooohoo, I am very proud I must say, although a lot of ideas have to be credited to Jan's dad too! Thank you! And I have to put things in perspective...the guy already knew we had chosen a bath from his brand, so he couldn't call us stupid right :p.

Here's some trends we noticed:

  1. Carpets have to be long haired again in all color variations you can imagine....but they must be long haired. Welcome back the 70ies?
  2. it's all about contrasting dark colors (dark brown or black) with white for kitchens and bathrooms etc... The more subtle greys, aubergine etc we saw on Batibouw 2 years ago are gone!

    eg. and check out the kitchen of "aform"

  3. The strict straight lines are still a must...yeah we love it . Check out the bathroom from "agape". A beauty, isn't it?
    I sure hope that we can later in the future take out the door of our toilet downstairs and change it to a frameless door. It is sooo much nicer. But it is no priority right, ...having a door in the toilet is much more a priority :p.

    seen at brems doors

  4. Although the basic furniture has dark-white contrasts, other furniture especially seats and chairs can be very very brightly colored (orange; green; .... ) (welcome back 70ies?)

    hihi go to and to the exposant "arcade avec": there you have the perfect combination of bright colored seat and long hairy carpets. Geez, if you have that in your house, I'd be scared it starts to bark all of a sudden. It does look like a genetically altered dog , doesn't it?? So don't worry, we won't buy anything of that kind.
  5. After getting flat tv screens worked in the kitchen appliances (in fridges, on your cooker hood etc), they are now invading the bathroom. Mirrors that perfectly switch entirly or partly back and forth from a perfect mirror to a tv projection screen. They can even be in your shower wall.

    Well I should not get one of those because I'd be even later every time than I am now. Imagine watching a DVD while getting ready in the morning???? uh uh, not a good idea. Although then you could have a bath or shower while watching your favourite show :p.

I also saw a cool floor that would fit perfectly in our basement with our new metal stairs and the office space we want to create. It would strenghten the cool, industrial looks of the stairs. But I suppose it's a bit stupid to spend a lot of money on a high tech floor in your basement that is mainly used in offices and stores if I can look at the references. But it is tiles (or fixed carpet) made from vinyl and glassfibre. Cool huh.


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