It'll happen in 3 months

It was about time, wasn't it? I am sure that multiple people already wondered when it would happen. During the last couple of months, it was not much more than a cost. I've talked about it for years, but the last months it was postponed a couple of times.
I am tired of driving up and down and not having my stuff at one spot... It wasn't time yet because we first needed to have some essentials ready on the first floor and in the basement...Around New Year is a difficult time ....

Hundred of thoughts had already crossed my mind why I should postpone even more or why I should have done it a long time ago. But yesterday I give up my rent in my appartment in Gentbrugge. There is a fair risk that our bedroom/dressing/bathroom won't be ready in Leuven by the time my 3 months notice is over, but I've postponed already 2 months and it's just silly right now. I think I slept there 4 nights or something in September. So it was time to give up the rent. We'll figure it out in 3 months if things aren't ready yet in Leuven. But on January 31 I'll give up the keys of my appartment in Gentbrugge.

Although it's been in my mind for a while, it was weird to write the letter. I've never done that before. The only time I left an appartment was my appartment that my employer rented for me in The Hague. It was my very beloved spot, even though I did not quite share the taste of decoration and interior with that house owner . Naturally a location at the promenade at the beach makes you forget the interior decoration quickly :p. It was the very first time I lived in my own appartment (on weekdays), where I could make my first attempts to cook for myself (not always very succesful in the beginning...hey but I never touched that can of Ravioli that I bought myself as last minute saver...although I did prepare other warm up meals though), where I had my first own guests, ...

When my mission in the Netherlands was over I cried my eyes out on the parking lot when I had to drive back to Belgium with my car full of stuff. I felt devestated after I left my keys behind. I am not good in leaving a place that I have loved. Remember when I left Canada after my exchange ...the stewardess came to ask me in the plane if I was alright since I did not stop crying. I am so nostalgic, clinging to the good times in the past, even when I know that much more good times are ligned up in the future. I do have a tendency to look at the past.

So I already feel nostalgic about leaving Ghent. That was my first true own appartment, not rented by my employer, but the first and only place I had on my own , where I closed off the electricity, gas, water, tv, telephone, ADSL, ...contracts and where I did the decorating. I already knew 3 years ago that it would only be a temp spot so I never actually bothered to put more than light bulbs on the ceiling. It was a temporary spot but it was a good one. It's time to go, but I'll miss it very much.

I lived in the last months almost exclusively in our new house in Leuven and it's very exciting to see it evolving from a construction site to a home. It does feel like home already. And I spent so little time in Ghent that sometimes it feels weird to walk in there again. As if I was a visitor in my own house. I'll be relieved not having to travel back and forth again !! But already a sad feeling pops-up as well. It'll be next to The Hague, a special place that i'll miss later on.

So in 3 months it'll happen. I'll officially move to Leuven, try to integrate all my stuff in our renewed house (oops hope the cupboards and basement will be ready after all !!). I'll become an inhabitant of a new province !! And Jan and I will officially have the same address.


Anonymous said…
Love You !!!!
Goofball said…
oooh isn't he a sweetie?

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