An new bit of me???

During my last painfully fun trip to London I had a blister on my heel. First I tried to continue the sightseeing trip with normal bandaid but those persisted in falling off again. No problem, this was London with a Boots on every corner even open on Sunday. So we went to buy some special blister bandaid especially for blisters on your feet with a curing gel.

I've always heard and it was confirmed by the instructions on the box that you have to put them on and then wait until they fall off themselves. Then the blister is cured. But the next day it was fallen off already with the big blister untherneath. Hmm weird, but no problem , there were plenty more blister pads in the box. I carefully stretched my heal and put a new one on.

And now we are one month later and it is still there. This stubborn bandaid does not go off and I don't dare to pull it off. Ok I admit it that I tried a little bit last week but it was still quite firm so I stopped. Most of it was actually torn and loose but this one little bit of it stays firmly on my heel. It had become quite gross so each time a bit came loose I've cut it off. Now only a little bit of bandaid is left and it seems determined to stay on my heel. So should I consider it as a little new bit of me???


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