oh you must be kidding me

but now it posted immediately?!!! What the hell? This must be coincidence because I am suffering this problem already for over a month. And it was before also that I could post something if I hurried and then all of a sudden my luck is over.

haha, there it was already, the message of connection problems coming up and then it disappeared. And probably in a few minutes it'll be there for the rest of the evening. Booohooo.


Allie said…
Blame it all on Blanche. It is her problem really. I just can't figure out what you did to piss her off so royally. :P
Goofball said…
Well I think Blanche has haunted my computer long enough...it's time for her to move.

Strangely though but tonight in Ghent I do not have problems. Could it be the Leuven computer or wifi after all?

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