Spooky telephones

Tonight I came home, tired from a too long day at work and I heard a vague ringing sound upstairs. Pff the phone was ringing but by the time I'd be up there, it would be too late already. So I thought.

Just a few minutes later I realised I still heard the phone ringing. Who would keep it ringing forever?? Very strange. l listened a bit more and realise that the phone was truly ringing without stopping. Was anybody ringing me urgently that whenever it stopped they redialed instantaneously?? So I ran upstairs when the ringing of both phones became much louder.

I picked up the phone and heard nothing... I hang up and it was ringing immediately again. I picked up the phone and heard nothing... I hang up and it was ringing again. I pushed it off and it was rining again. Arrrgggh there were two phones that did not want to stop ringing. How could I stop them, what was happening, how would I be able to sleep with two ringing phones, how long had they been ringing, could the neighbours hear it without stopping????

After some advice from Orlando (Jan on the non ringing cell phone), I resetted the router and ....silence. Phewwww, glad that is over. I think it somewhere got stuck. So glad to have an IP phone (catch the irony in that phrase!!). But next time I know what to do.

It reminds me of one time, long ago , at home with my parents when I though the phone was possessed as well. We kept having some of those joke phone calls when people phone and then don't say nothing. So we were having dinner and were fed up with it all and my dad and I walked downstairs where the phone was and unplugged it. So there, that would give us some rest until the joker was tired of not reaching us. Just when we were going out of the room...the phone rang. Oh my God, that freaked the hell out of me. I saw the plug, lonely on the carpet, but the phone was ringing loud. Gosh that was so creepy, I had no clue how that could happen.

Only afterwards we realised what had happened....since our phone was downstairs we had an extra bell on the main floor to be able to hear the phone and to make it more loud. Unplugging did unplug the phone, but the extra bell was linked directly to the incoming signal and therefore it could still ring.


Allie said…
It is only a sign that Halloween is just around the corner ..... spooky things do happen you know. :P

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