Very local showers of white powder??

When we wanted to go to a babyvisit at some friends, I arrived at my car parked just across the street only to discover to my surprise that the entire front and sides were covered in a white/blue powder! When stepping in the car, I was just looking at a white non-transparant cover.

My main fear was that it would have been some biting chemical substance that would hurt me when touching it or which would damage the car. But there was nothing else I could do as to pour some water over the windows (which just stayed sticky white at that moment) and than go over it with a sponge as to clear the windows a bit. Although I could leave, the sides of my windows were still very white as were my doors and after the side windows dried a bit, I had to rewash them to keep them transparant. Second time was a good one because then I could drive safely.
Just went to a drive-through car happy that I have a clean car again!

In the mean time I keep on speculating what could have happened.... playing kids with gigantic balloons filled with washing powder, playing in front of the car with one exploding on mine???? Vandals emptying the fire estinguisher on my car? Somebody unloading the car and tripping and accidentally pouring a huge box of undefined powder over my doors and windows??? A very local shower of CIF cleaner out of heaven? A Bollywood movie recorded in the middle of the street in front of my car for which they sprayed fake snow???

There was no powder on the ground and no more cars parked just next to me...the other cars were untouched in the parking lot. I am afraid it'll remain a mysterie. Oh well, as long as it only happened to me once. Sure hope it is not a recurring thing.


Allie said…
I vote that it was icing sugar sent from above because you are so sweet. :)

I woke up to white powder all over my vehicle today too! Although, I could brush it off and it will eventually melt over the next couple of days. Sigh ... snow already .......

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