Christmas vacation or renovation vacation?

While my colleagues have finished their christmas dinner in the cantine, I am already at home enjoying the start of my Christmas vacations. Yeaaaah! No more work I hope until next year.

Don't you think that always sounds so weird "See you next year" "ok send me that report when you're done but I won't be able to read that this year anymore ..." :p. I always sounds as if you'll be gone for ages, but I am only taking 6 days off really. But thanks to the weekends and holidays, it is almost 2 weeks.
And the best thing is: I go back to work for 2 days in the beginning of January and then I am taking once more a week off because Lisa is coming over to visit me from Canada! Yeaaaaah!

I am really looking forward to this time off. I needed it. The last days were quite stressfull at work and I just felt that I was overreacting to a lot of stuff. A simple discussion with my boss seemed to take all my energy. A disagreement with some other manager who was mad at me for not being available for giving training at her new employees (my old boss and my new boss had given her the good news that that was not my task and that I had not enough time available, something which she apparently had assumed). She unexpectedly took all her frustrations out at me and I couldn't set that discussion out of my head for the entire day and evening. And our suppliers consultants really drove me crazy. Probably I simply just still lack energy after being ill. So it'll be good being offwork for a while.

Let's just hope that I won't get much calls next week on the days that I am backup "on call" for the systems helpdesk. Grrr what a great moment to switch external helpdesks and start with a new inexperienced team but hey...who can foresee that 2 people quit at the same moment.

Only 24 hours and it all seems a totally different far away world already ;-). Our minds are already totally focussed on the coming holidays and the renovations that we want to fully boost on the first floor!


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