A cold winternight

It was a cold cold winternight in December. The streets were all deserted and it was very quiet in the street. A young couple had just parked in their car and had mounted the stairs to their appartment...only to arrive in an ice cold appartment.

Odd, that was very odd. The girl was certain to have programmed the heating. Yett the appartment did not felt like a cold stranger, not expecting them to come home. 13C. With a nervous feeling, she tested the water in the tap... but it remained ice cold as well. Shit, this was Christmas night. Would they have to sleep in the cold and get up in the cold and wash themselves in that temperature with cold water. Not a comforting thought at all! Visions of a similar night 2 years ago came back. Then the neighbours had come to help the next day but after half a day of checking the boiler, they had only succeeded in breaking down their own boiler as well. It took another day to get the gas company to come over and fix the problem that apparently ended up being really simple.

But now the appartment of the neighbours looked dark and deserted as well. Who could help on a Christmas night???

Of course Jan did! After surfing the web a bit and cursing at the boiler, he managed to add water to it because the boiler had locked itself into security because somehow the pressure had diminished. Wooohooo he rocks and my macho neighbours suck!!! (they don't read this so I can write it :) ). And with a bit of delay we curled up in the bed close together to keep warm while the heating started chasing the cold away.


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