Getting in the Christmas mood

Now that Sinterklaas has all settled down in Spain again, it was about time for my first attempt to decorate a Christmas tree on my own. It's my first tree since 2003! I am quite proud of the result (it looks better in real than on the picture ,I think :p). But I might add some things still later on. Not sure yet.

We choose for an artifical tree because it's easier to set up and to maintain and in the long run cheaper. And main thing for me: you don't see the tree dying over the weeks and you don't end up with an almost dead needleless tree by the time you clean it up again. Somehow I find it sad that we grow trees to cut them and let them slowly die. But the big disadvantage of the fake trees are that they don't smell like christmas trees!

Anyway, it sure was a new experience to make a Christmas tree with some kind of Ikea-like guidelines and by having the spread out all the branches ourselves.


Allie said…
Yay! Ellen has a Christmas tree!! Looks good with the exception of no presents under it ......

Jan - you will have to do something about that situation. A nice big present for Ellen would compliment the tree perfectly!!

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