Lobster cheese??

Belgians are said to have a Burgundian lifestyle or mentality. Well I sure loved the cuisine there!!

Mmmmmmmmmm Burgundian snails! The best!
And rabbit terrines. And coq au vin. And charcuterie....
And the wines!! And the cassis! And then things like cassis mustard and cassis butter!! Mmmm

And a assortiment of excellent cheeses at the end of each meal. There was one particular cheese that I loved with a very strong and salty taste and so I asked the name of it in the restaurant. She said " ..pice Homard de Bourgogne".
What? Lobster ? What has that cheese to do with lobster. She could not have said Homard.
Jan who was in the washroom when she told me and he didn't believe the lobster part either.

So when she came to clear the plate, I asked again and now she clearly confirmed "Epoisse Homard de Bourgogne". Ok fine, lobster cheese it is, although their is nothing in the taste that reminds me of lobster.

the next day we went to the supermarket to buy some of the local specialties. When checking out the cheeses in the store we found two that resembled the ones we liked so much. All of a sudden I cracked up when reading the label:

"Epoisse au marc de Bourgogne"... Au marc or Homard: some pronounciation but clearly something different. Mard de bourgogne is a liquor that is used int he production of the cheese! And there I stood in the store realising that the cheese had nothing to do with lobster after all. It was so funny.

We bought 2 pieces: "Epoisse au marc de bourgogne" and "Amis de Chambertins" which we had eaten in the restaurant. Something we soon regretted because the smell in the car was ...well lets simply say "very strong". Everytime we had stopped somewhere it took our breath for a minute when getting back in :p.

Fortunately we seem to be able to contain the smell at home due to a special cheese boll. So visitors should have no fear !! At least we have a hell of yummie cheese at home! Yeah.


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