Miss Snowwhite

Pff I am not sure if I want to be the snowwhite plastering queen anymore. It's fun for a while but after the fourth day in a row of plastering and sanding walls, I am tired of it. Or I am just tired and sore and I feel my eyes because I've had several times dust in them (but washed it out). I swear my right arm looks thicker and more worked out already than my left arm even though I try to sand the walls with both of arms.

And I didn't even get done what I hoped to do. Pff. But with the help of Jan tomorrow morning, I hope to be able to give a first layer of paint in our bedroom tomorrow. At least that'll change the look of it again.

Jan and his dad did good work in the basement though! It has gyproc walls and a floor!!!!! Talk about a total transformation. And so when I am done on the first floor I play the plastering queen downstairs. .... One day...one day it'll be ready. I am looking forward to next week when we have no renovations planned!


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