My 2006

Recently someone asked me the question: "Geez where did 2006 go?".

Well, it went to house that has dramatically changed over the last year. One year ago we had just barely finished the floor heating system and poured some concrete on top of it that had to dry. Walls had to be painted afterwards, lights installed, tile floors in the hall and kitchen, a wooden floor in the living room, furniture that has moved down, a fire place has been installed and a basement has become a practical and clean storage space.

It went to a project that managed to successfully switch 5 drinks wholesalers to a different software, thanks to lots and lots of overtime and cursing and bug testing.

It went to a fantastic trip to India, an exotic paradise full of colors, temples, wildlife, excellent food, ... it also went to Brittany full of menhirs, cliffs and impressive medieval cities and family joy. It went to some blistered feet in London but good fun with friends and it went to the wineries and delicious dishes in Burgundy.

It went to baby nieces and nephews growing up to funny toddlers.

It went to summer festivals, to good thrillers read, to some fun TV shows, ....

Anyway it was good!!! Excited to see what 2007 will bring! hope it will be a good one for all of you as well. Have a great New Year!


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