Slowly filling up

I was a little too optimistic and cheerfull on Sunday morning. And especially too enthusiastic at breakfast which I regretted in the next 24h which went downhill again until I went shivering with fever to bed.
Obviously by the time I got to see the doctor on Monday my bowles got calm and silent. What else would I have expected huh? Anyway, I caught up more sleep, started enjoying food again and today I was back at work (tired but that's often the case). I am slowly filling up again :).

And the lady in the kitchen of the cantine had the interesting news that the directors secretary, the postman, 3 people in the kitchen and someone else all had been ill. I figured you'd all want to know that news as well ;).


Allie said…
Just think Ellen - it was the perfect way to look slim and trim for the holiday season. Most people try to diet, but you I guess would rather try the newest fad. :P
goofball said…
Well, if I didn't have the feeling now to compensate and eat all that delicious food, might help. But it's so great to have appetite again ;-).

I always hope indeed that some of the weightlosss would stay nevertheless. But usually the weight you loose in an struggle like that, you get it right away back on you because a lot of it is dehydration! Pffff it's not fair is it? It was a big struggle to loose those couple of kilos, now they might as well stay off! I don't need them anymore. Go .... Common ...Go go! (hmm they don't listen ;) ).

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