3rd attempt, good times

With one day of delay, some of my friends (who miracously hadn't planned anything on a Friday evening) came over for a last dinner evening in my appartment in Ghent.

It was a calm, relaxed but cosy time together. Our attempt to empty the vodka bottle failed so I still had to move it, but the inventory on the wine bottles recorded one bottle less to move. I hope that my combinations in food weren't too weird in my attempt to empty the freezer a bit more, but I don't think anybody left with a hungry feeling, on the contrary!!

And more important, it had been way too long that we had done this , so it felt so good to catch up on so many things on friends. Up to the next time in Leuven, since that definately was the last dinner in Ghent! Very strange, it did make me sad when everybody left.


Allie said…
Is that a picture of Jan in his attempt to drink all of the Vodka ... or was he the one who drank all of the red wine ... :P

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