6 weird things about me

Haha the tagging habit is spreading in Europe too and I got tagged by Betsy in Germany. Wow quite a challenging one. I have to think about this one!

1) I don't like chocolate....

No seriously, I mean it. I don't like chocolate. Those people do exit although we are very very rare! I did not like it since I was a child and I still don't like the taste or smell of it! Walking by the open door of a praline shop in Belgium is not something I enjoy. Oh and I can assure you when you go out for dinner somewhere....98% chance there is chocolate in the desert. Grrr.

...don't spread out the news too much. I wouldn't want to loose my Belgian nationality ;-). Just kidding.

2) I learned to swim under water with a snorkel! I had found my sisters snorkel on vacation and I was floating circles under water in the kiddies pool when my dad decided I really had to learn the swimming movements along. And so I did. Only going above water and keeping my head up there was much more difficult and not fun at all! I still prefer to hold my head under water a few strokes until I lift it up to breathe.

3) People that just meet me for the first time think I am quiet....hihihi what a joke when they get to know me better. But honestly, I do need some adjusting time to feel at ease and to open up.

A recrutement company discouraged my courant company to hire me because I'd be insufficient "assertive" for the job. My boss currently is relieved they did not take someone that was actually labeled assertive by that agency. They wonder who they'd have gotten then.

4) I can read books and get totally addicted to them and finish them in 3 weeks. And I can read a book over a period of 3 months.... it simply depends on the book.

5) I totally feel the need to capture all my "good moments" in life on pictures. I joke with my friends "if I don't have a picture of it, it must not have happened...at least not in my memory". I am a nostalgic person and I totally enjoy watching those pictures again over and over again. Having them at random coming by on my screensaver is wonderful and often beats watching the tv screen a bit further!

I seriously consider putting the negatives of my pre-digital period in a fire-proof save somewhere.

6) I find handkerchiefs (not the tissue ones) comforting and relaxing to rub in my hand.

Pheewww, finished the list. Now I tag Allie and Lisa


Wow - I don't really like chocolate either... I'm not opposed to it, but find it very easy to be alone in a room with, and not want to eat it! I always thought I was the only one...
Betsy said…
The sixth one is funny-- did you have a blanket you slept with as a kid?
goofball said…
@Betsy: no I never had a blanket, I have always had handkerchiefs.

As a toddler I remember getting out of bed when having lost my hankie. And in pre-school I have lost many many handkerchiefs because they were usually only partly in my pocket and partly hanging out (easier to access and rub).

...I simply never lost the habit 100% when growing up although I try to contain it very much as an adult. When watching tv e.g., the habit pops up for sure. In the beginning Jan tried to steal the hankie from my hand to see my reaction after which I simply get another one out of another pocket :p. I always carry multiple ones on me ;)

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