Cancelled house cooling party

Tonight was going to be my house cooling party with some good friends hopping by for some snacks and drinks. I was really looking forward to it as a last thing to do before I start stripping this appartment.

But it wasn't supposed to be and that was a big disappointment to deal with:
Jan is stuck in London because the Eurostar does not ride anymore (powerproblems in France) and the other guests are either ill or do not dare to drive through this storm. I totally agree. Driving through the "biggest storm" since 4 years just for fun is madness. I honestly probably wouldn't do it either if I were on their side.

But this was not how I had pictures my last evening here. And I totally was not ready to start packing tonight. Or to spend this goodbye on my own.
Pff tough. Disappointing. I must admit that I cracked tonight.

But I am better now... Watched "De Mol" on Dutch tv lazy streched out in the sofa, I prepared a little bit of dinner for myself ...and the good thing is, I changed my plans for tomorrow and so did my friends and they are coming over tomorrow evening. yeaaay. And Jan will come over as well for the evening in between helping his dad in Leuven. So I am still going to have my house cooling party tomorrow.
Great! Thanx guys for coming anyway!!!!! Good friends huh :), they saved my evening.


Betsy said…
Hope you enjoyed the party and that Jan made it back safely...

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