Ironing atelier

Last year Jan and I had built up a big backlog in ironing to do, so now I really always want to keep up with the fresh laundry pile. I don't know how long my resolution, (which is not truly a new years resolution, it's just a regularly recurring resolution) will work out.
But since this weekend the race has become a little bit easier on me. We already moved my ironing board and iron from Ghentbrugge, resulting in 2 boards and irons in Leuven.

.... so tonight Jan and I held a little ironing session together, each with our own board next to each other. It makes a big difference in the speed that the pile disappears and it gives you the feeling you are not doing a boring job alone. Although we were both very concentrated so not too much chitchat going on.

You know what: Jan even irons faster than me! I'll just have to claim that then I do it a little bit more precisely.


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