Peak concentration at work

My thoughts and conversations this afternoon at work:

"wow, look at the trees out there in the corner, they really bend over" "yeah and they say the worst still has to come" "Yeah I parked on the other side of the parking lot, but there are still cars closeby the trees. If they fall over , they will hit some cars"

....(work work)

"what did they say in the traffic information: a truck blown on its side in Beernem. You must be kidding" "how can a truck be blown over?" "well it's big and if it wasn't filled..."
[type on msn to Jan that truck has blown over]
[check traffic information on the internet: amazed by the number of trees reported to have fallen on one of the highways]

...(work work)

[check traffic information again to see that a new fallen tree or object or accident is added every 5 minutes]
[check the traffic map to see how many incident icons are already displayed]
[point out to colleague on my screen how many incidents are displayed]

...(work work)

[check traffic information and compare with info just given on the radio again]
[hear that ship has sunk in the Channel and that in Zulte a roof has been blown away]
[stare at bending trees at parking lot again ]

...(another attempt to work)

Fire truck drives up parking lot and 3 firemen jump out....Now we all stare out of the window what is happening. They go in and out with an chain saw.
"oh I didn't notice our roof has been blown off"
"hihi, our CEO must be hanging on his embrella risking to fly away"
Somebody walks in to tell us that the firemen are cutting down a tree in the inner square of the offices.
[I walk to the fax at the reception and take a quick glance to see indeed the firemen sawing down the remainders of a tree ]
"Geez what happened"
"oh it's a tree that was already dead, but now it has fallen"
(try to work but fail my attempt)
[notice that firetruck leaves again]
[check traffic information again on the internet. More fallen trees on the highways]
[calculate how much delay I'd probably get when driving home and when I should really leave]
[realise lots of people are leaving offices early]
[Madou crosspoint in Brussels closed down for traffic since pieces fall down from the new Madou office tower there]
"oh cool, the peak of wind gusts will be between 5 and 6 PM. That's just when we'll be on the road" "yeah I have to leave at 5 as well. Fun fun fun"

[listen to news bulletin at 5PM on the radio and catch something of Eurostar that does not ride anymore to the UK]
[warn Jan and search quickly on the internet what is happening....will he be able to come home tonight?]

In the mean time I urgently had to leave the office if I didn't want to rush on the road.
Do I need to say that I didn't quite get a lot achieved this afternoon? Lessons learned: I have a concentration problem when there's a big storm outside.


Allie said…
Gotta love those days that nothing gets accomplished but rather you are entertained by the forces of nature.

We often have at least one of those days each year here in Calgary too ... and I LOVE those days. :)

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