Quest through moving boxes

I needed my customer number for the water company in order to finalise my move. No problem, I had moved all last invoices of suppliers with me in a box "mail to keep".

So I head downstairs to the pile of cardboard boxes in the basement to move them all from one pile to another. But no one had the text "mail to keep" on it. Grrrrr.
A bit pissed off already I go upstairs to see whether maybe the 2 lonely boxes in our bedroom would have the subbox "mail to keep" in them. Obviously there it was. Naturally I would first move a whole pile of big heavy boxes in the basement when it was already sitting in our bedroom. Murphy's law huh....
But the subbox "mail to keep" did not have any recent invoices in it. What? I am so sure I had them with me.

All grumbling and cursing I come downstairs when I say Jan that I lost that last invoice and that I somehow need to figure out my customer number when he replies "oh invoices? there was a pile of them on the table here, I put them down below on the shelf in your notebook". So after a long and frustrating quest for my invoice, there it was closeby the computer all along.

Gosh, how frustrating. I am already looking forward to my next quest to find of my stuff (notice lots of irony in my voice!)


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