State security issues

Once more about the lecture on Friday, I forgot to mention that I heard that some agents of the state security were present as well. What?!? Some spies or what? I guess not since they notified their presence to the organizers.

I first thought that this was terribly insulting for the moslims.... are they showing up whenever moslims gather?
Or maybe they fear a reaction of local racists?

Or do they screen any religious gathering now? Do they fear the interreligious dialogue or they don't believe it was about interreligious dialogue.

I don't know if I think it was a good thing or a bad thing that they show up anomously on those things or not. Does it improve our countries safety? Or is it an insulting and unnecessarily intervention? Is it really necessary that they do this? How are they supposed to decide which meetings are potentially suspicious and which aren't? How many people would be employed doing this as a job: going to meetings to check out who is there and what is being said and done? Wouldn't non-public meetings be much more dangerous? Am I offended because I would think Christian gatherings should be automatically peacefull and open-minded and without need of 'monitoring' by the government. Shouldn't they go and spy on real potential terrorists?...but who are the real potential terrorists?

Pff I am confused about this matter. I had never really realised that Belgium actually has an active state security agency. Didn't think I'd ever encounter them in my life. Now I wonder how often we've already been in the same room? Weird, very weird.


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