I hope next week will be better than last week, because I was really stressed and tense. I don't know why really: I often have a lot of work to do and last week wasn't particularly worse than others but last week stress and fatigue hit me.

With the renovations going on each weekend, the battle against dust in our house is quite hopeless. At work I had to give training sessions to new employess during the last weeks and that has been extended for the coming 2,5 weeks. In the mean time all the other work keeps arriving and piling up in a nice backlog, which starts to frustrate me more and more. Especially last Thursday I was all worked up and I even physically felt my muscles being tense. Everything worked on my nerves all of a sudden and my colleagues couldn't do much good. The irony is that on such days, you don't achieve anything really :p.

Anyway, next week will bring as much work as this one or even more.... I just I can cope with it better. Let's start with going to bed at time (after "Flikken" of course). Sleep....Nice, something to look forward to.


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