Auntie Ellen play ball

The entire week I had been counting down towards the weekend since they had predicted temperatures up to 30C. After weeks of 14C, 30 C sounds heavily.

After a day of working in our bathroom (Jan and his dad, not me) and cleaning the house, Jan's brother came over with his family for a bbq. The threatening thunder clouds had disappeared. Jan had as always prepared loads of food to enjoy including freshly made ice cream. Yummie. And I had a lot of time to play with the ball with Luisa in our tiny garden. Luckily she's still small enough not to throw the ball very high or far away. I think we'll need to invest in our neighbours relationships in order to retrieve the balls that fly over our wall in the future. And we'll need to find a way as to know in which garden exactly it has landed since lots of tiny gardens are all coming together behind us.

'Auntie Ellen play ball' 'Auntie Ellen play ball'...hmm it was easy entertainment, I must admit but it was fun. And it was the first time I was truly called fully 'Auntie Ellen' I think. Just for once Jan was not the only hero and I must say that I was happy to share in the toddler's attention.

And the toilet chalkboard wall turned out to be more entertaining for her than the served icecream! At the end of the evening when we were showing Jan's brother and sister-in-law the progress of the bathroom, Luisa discovered our big bed (in which we were ordered to lay down with her as well!) and the kiekeboe strips. The little girl already knows all characters by heart! Pretty amazing or maybe not when her dad and uncle are Kiekeboe freaks.

Hmm we felt like a quite popular auntie and uncle :p....

Isn't that an adorable picture??


Allie said…
Hmmm ... I know a couple of kids that would LOVE to have their Auntie Ellen come and play with them. And ... you would definitely be a hero at this house in doing so!!!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!

Miss you Ellen! I hope to meet up with you online this week for a chat!
Mike said…
Yes, that is an adorable picture, Auntie Ellen.



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