Battle against unwanted pets

Remember my herbs? Well after all the wet weeks we've had, they are mostly gone. In a day or 2 all of a sudden the chives were gone. Disappeared. Then the basil leaves had holes in them....
Our garden is full of snails and I think they like my herbs. But I do not want to share with them :(. Fortunately they are a bit picky: they left me the rosemary that is getting flowers now, the sage, the mint and the citronella. Nevertheless they ate the koriander, basil, lettuce, chives, persil :(.
So tonight I've declared the war on the snails and I've put some "ecofriendly" snailpoison on their favourite spots.....Hope it works so I can start over with some new herbs soon!

And in the store my eye fell on a little flesh-eating plant that looked rather attractive. That ended up in the kitchen and I think its digesting its first fly already if I can see the black bulb in its partially transparant and hollow stem. Cool ! Quite an ecological measures huh. I am curious how it will continue! What if the house becomes 100% fly free...should we then feed the plant some ham or something :p . Hihi just imagine.


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