Gentse Feesten

Maybe some of you were already wondering whether I'd truly skip the Gentse Feesten this year. ..... Of course not! How could I miss the 10 day city festival in Ghent? I only went one day whereas last years (when still living in Ghent) I went a couple of days. Nevertheless, I really wanted to go at least one day!

And it was great. Ghent showed itself from its best side again. We saw street theatre, street musicians, danced on music from a cover group at the Groentemarkt, watched very very briefly the folkdances at boombal in Baudelopark, we saw the concerts of the New York Gospel experience, Yevguini and Gabriel Rios. Great day! Marvelous city!

waiting on the St-Pieters square, in front of the St-Pieters abbey church.

My good friend Sofie

Streetartists, the International Street Theatre Festival, ....

Isn't this a beautiful city!?

Cocktail time at Polé Polé fiesta tropical, with US gospel music at the background on the stage across the river

Polé Polé at night during the concert of Gabriel Rios: big crowd, beautiful setting, fun concert, lots of cute little boats coming by on the river to see the concert from the water


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