Google it

Sometimes it's cool to check the search terms that people use when they land via google on my blog. Most of the time it is fairly straight forward, but sometimes I really wonder how I ended up in the result list of that search!

"Nude cyclers"...huh? did I ever already use the word nude in my posts? Hmm well now I sure did. But before?
"Gent toilet with picture"? Hihi, well I guess my posts about Ghent combined with old posts about our painted toilet wall, did not really meet the searcher's expectations.
"citronella drag queen": also that must have been a combination of a post about my herbs and one about the concert of Les Truttes.

You can also see the internet hypes coming by: tour the france, the Britain got's talent show, Yves Leterme's blunder etc... All in all it's a fairly boring image. No spicy searches arriving here, I'm afraid.

What's a funny search that ended up on your sites unexpectedly ??


Wow, how do you check those?? I have always been curious.

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